Green Thumb… Who, Me?

If anyone were to tell me that I had a green thumb, I would have laughed at them 3 months ago. That is before came to the rescue.

Day 1

My plants before they started growing!

I used to love spending time with my mom when I was little playing with the dirt, putting on gardening gloves and grabbing a shovel. Making holes for whatever flowers she was planting. And after we planted them, they were beautiful- for about a day. I definitely got my skill of killing plants from my mom. But unlike my mom, my thumb has gotten much greener since California Flower Bulbs shared their stock.

When Harry emailed the whole team that one of our new clients, California Flower Bulbs, had sent us a box of easy to grow bulbs I was ecstatic. Even though I knew my thumb was as brown as one can get- I figured why not take a chance!? I mean, easy was in the title so how hard could it be?

I took as many different bulbs as I could without taking them all, had to leave a few for the rest of the team… right? That weekend, I went out and got all the necessities for my new project. I live in an apartment that has a tiny balcony and not a lot of sun so I was hopeful at most the plants would make it a few days.

California Flower Bulbs knows what they are doing! After only a few days we started seeing growth!

Me- the child of a brown thumb who killed every plant she touched- was growing beautiful flowers!

If you don’t think you can garden, if you think you kill a plant just by looking at it, if you’ve always had a brown thumb and never thought you’d experience the joy of growing your own plants… trust me.

Easy To Grow Bulbs has the solution!

I couldn’t be happier with my flowers and I can’t wait until I have a larger space to stock up on all they have to offer and grow grow grow!

Calla Fire Glow

Calla Fire Glows after one month.

Calla Fire Glow After

Calla Fire Glows after 2 months (this is the plant that’s in the background of the first picture!)

Purple Shamrocks

Purple Shamrocks after one month.

Purple Shamrocks After

Purple Shamrocks after 2 months. Can’t see the soil anymore!

Can You Guess Where Today’s Seminar Is?

Do you recognize those pictures?  Do you know where we are??  If you guessed the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, you guessed right!  It’s always a good day when you start off at the Montage, right!?  We love having our seminars at this amazing resort.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the grounds are spectacular.GoldenComm is so lucky to be just up the road from this little piece of paradise.

What a lively group we had! 8:30 rolled around and our guests were enjoying the delicious breakfast and beautiful view.  Jason started his seminar shortly after and the information started flowing.  The group seemed to be very interested in everything Jason had to say and hopefully they learned a thing or two they didn’t know before they came here today.

If you didn’t make it to the seminar today, don’t worry!  Jason does his Excel-Your-Business seminars every month and the next one just happens to be at the Montage again.  We hope to see you on August 29th for the next Seminar!

A Little Taste of Paradise

Beautiful day in paradise- I mean the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach for Jason Lavin’s Excel-Your-Business seminar.  Just down the street from our good friends at SUP Company, couldn’t ask for a better location for the beginning of summer.  Even with the perfect beach weather, we still managed to have a packed room.  After the guests toured the grounds, they were invited back in the room for a delicious breakfast.   Shortly following was the always informative and entertaining presentation by GoldenComm’s CEO Jason Lavin.  Bummed you missed out?  Well you’re in luck!  Sign up today for the next Seminar in Paradise on July 27th.  Hope to see you there!

Supporting a Worthy Cause with Tim Salmon

Tim Salmon at GoldenComm

Tim Salmon visiting the GoldenComm office for a preview of the new site.

My “love of the game” began when I was very young. I fondly remember trips to the “Big A” with my dad. Learning to score a game with pencil and paper, mowing through Cracker Jacks, filling my mouth with an entire packet of Big League Chew, eating peanuts just to throw the shells on the ground and finishing bag after bag of sunflower seeds. I grew up loving baseball and, almost as importantly, I grew up loving the Angels.

Fast forward many, many…many many many years of wonderful but short seasons to 2002. The most exhilarating post-season of any sport…ever. The Angels won the World Series in game seven. All of Orange County erupted in celebration. They were a team of all-stars that year but for most fans one player truly highlighted the heart and soul of the Angels: Tim Salmon. A clutch performance in Game 2, a phenomenal .346 series batting average and ten years on the team. Watching Tim Salmon and the Angels secure the Championship was a milestone in my life to say the least.

So, you can probably imagine how excited I was the day I found out I was going to be the Project Manager for the new Tim Salmon Foundation website. To put a cherry on top, the foundation supports a number of charities which, among other things, assist abused and at-risk children. To-date they’ve raised over $975,000! The chief fundraising venue is the annual Tim Salmon Golf Classic. This, the 14th year (coincidentally, the number of years Tim Salmon played for the Angels) will see the tournament take place at the world-renowned Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet Club, benefitting Laurel House and Concept 7.

The entire experience has been a highlight in my career as a website developer. The wildly talented team here at GoldenComm really stepped up to created a site we’re proud to deliver to a great guy who is championing such a worthy cause!

Almost all under 40

Almost all under 40

Almost all under 40 - (our team from left) Erin Liebman, Chris & Mary Mazurk, Lauren Bishop,
Steve Churm (OC Metro CEO), Harry Williams, Stacie & Kent Zimmer, Jason Lavin

Awesome job by Churm Media putting on the 2012 40 under 40 event at Pelican Hill. Thanks Steve Churm!

Patrick Rue of the The Bruery

Patrick Rue of the The Bruery

If you missed it, just know that the room was packed with guests and local business supporting the amazing group of “under 40″ honorees. Watch out for these up-and-comers – one of our many favorites (just picking one) is Patrick Rue from The Bruery in the Orange Circle.

Muzeo and GoldenComm “got our bowl on” to support

Team GoldenComm

Working the lanes at the Muzeo Bowling event

Thursday night our team at GoldenComm got their “bowl on” for a good cause: Muzeo’s Bowling Night Fundraiser. Muzeo is Southern California’s newest museum, set out to engage people all over Southern California in knowledge, art, entertainment, and culture. At the bowl night, Muzeo raised money for children and at-risk youth so that they could experience Muzeo’s exhibitions.

Over 15 GoldenComm employees came to support Muzeo and had fun doing it! We were also excited to see our friends from Fairmont Private Schools out for a night of fun. Over the course of the night there was a raffle drawing, plenty of bowling, and a plethora of food to go around. We were honored to partake in such a great event and to support Muzeo’s efforts in educating children in Southern California.

Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk, 1K Kids’ Fun Run & Bike Tour for PCRF

Team GoldenComm

Team GoldenComm

This past Sunday, thousands of people came out to the Irvine Spectrum to participate in the 14th Annual Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk, 1K Kids’ Fun Run & Bike Tour  to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF).  Not only was GoldenComm a sponsor of the event, but 8 of our passionate employees put on their game faces and joined the fun by participating in the 5k and 1k kids fun run.

We were honored to participate in such a great event and to support the incredible work that PCRF is doing to find cures and bring hope for children and their families facing cancer.   We look forward to continuing to support PCRF and participating in this amazing and FUN event for years to come!

This is only ONE of the many children’s cancer research fundraising events that PCRF hosts.  Show your support in any way you can!

Julie and Chelsea Ryder Crossing the Finish Line

Julie and Chelsea Ryder Crossing the Finish Line

Runners take your marks!

Runners take your marks!

The Ryder Family

The Ryder Family

Chelsea Ryder at the petting zoo.

Chelsea Ryder at the petting zoo.

Team GC basking in the glory.

Team GC basking in the glory.

Excel-Your-Business Seminar at one of Orange County’s Best Golf Courses

Today, Jason had another successful Excel-Your-Business Seminar at one of Orange County’s Best Golf Courses, Strawberry Farms Golf Club in the boardroom. Strawberry Farms was a great host and served our seminar attendees a wonderful breakfast. Pictured below is our group from April 26th in the Strawberry Farms Boardroom.

Jason gives these seminars every month so be sure to check back soon for the next available date. Our guests will certainly agree that it’s a seminar that you won’t want to miss!

Opening Day Laguna Beach Style

Located on the corner of Oak Street and PCH Stand Up Paddle Co Laguna Beach is the new epicenter of a growing movement of paddle surfers rising up across Orange County beaches.  Excited to see the boards off the web site and in the water we made our way south from Golden Comm strategic web design offices in Costa Mesa to say hi to Ryan Tropp and the web team at the new shop. 

When I walked in the doors I quickly realized what’s different at SUPCO from many fast growing businesses.  More than screen printed shirts and trucker hats (which are sweet I bought one) you can actually feel the authentic love of and care they put into their products.  You can get a glimpse of the flavor of the brand at  If you haven’t yet been introduced to  the company you must know that its foundation is built around championship riders and custom SUP board designs from Kala Alexander, Rob Rojas, and Gillian Gibree.  The team is led by iconic local founder Tommy Donnely whose family is part of his inspirational story to design and distribute top of the line signature designed SUP boards to be sold across the country. 

In following with their aggressive mission to bring stand up paddle boarding to the masses, SUPCO offers SUP boards, accessories, and apparel to both beginning and professional riders.  To capture national attention the paddle boarding company in Laguna beach  is now offering free shipping all across the country to a growing group of riders from Florida to the Great Lakes to Austin Texas.  So if you haven’t’ yet checked out stand up paddle boarding for yourself you should go to there is a whole season of summer weekends ahead of you, in fact it’s only Opening Day.

Meeting at A’s Restaurant in Newport Beach

Q) What do you get when you put twenty-five “wildly talented” and energetic people together at A’s Restaurant in Newport Beach?

A) GoldenComm’s Q1 off-site team event.

GC Team at A's Restaurant Newport Beach

“The quality of work that we are churning out right now is EXCEPTIONAL,” Jason announces at the evening get together at A’s Restaurant in Newport Beach.

You can probably tell from these photos below, the evening had really good energy… and, for good reason, because, “…2011 was our best year, ever!” continued Jason in the Q1 update, “and 2012 has started out to be even better.”

The conversation was light, but serious, with groups of people spending an evening talking about “What more can we offer?” and “What more can we do?” and “How we can best service our clients…”

A special thanks to AllStarEvents for handling the transportation (awesome extra stretch Hummer/Limo) – as just because we know the Best Orange County DUI Attorney (Vince Tucci) – we don’t really want to barter with him.

Bring on 2012.

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