Reverse Marketing Redefined?

Just back from New Orleans and could not help but to snap a few photos of this diner just outside The Big Easy in Metairie, LA.   It’s not every day a marketing technique can stop you in your tracks and make you turn around – this one did… I think it’s the new reverse marketing. “The only thing worse than our food… is our service.” Funny.

The Tic-Toc Café redefines reverse marketing with a catchy slogan and a mural that plays off of Salvador Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory” modern artwork.

As you might imagine, the place is packed with regulars and the food is quite good.  Matter of fact, Ted Kampen (owner of  the local New Orleans electrical service company) tells me that he goes there pretty much once per week.  Clever reverse marketing might get customers in the first time, but good food and service will keep’em coming.  Tic-Toc… I call your bluff.

Some more photos of the interior. Good stuff.

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  1. Ted Kampen says:

    I have been going here about once a week for years. The food is always good and staff are fun. We have become accustomed to the owner, Mike’s wit

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