Talking Business in Northern Virginia with Peter Schwartz

Had the opportunity to spend 4 days with Vistage Chair Peter Schwartz in the Washington DC / Northern Virginia area this week. One of the highlights of the trip was sitting in on the Executives Leaders Radio Show, hosted by Peter himself.

Every week, Peter conducts “elite interviews” of local CEOs, CFOs, and Presidents focusing on the human side of business (e.g. getting to know the person, not just the business). It’s talk show for small to medium sized businesses – LOVED IT.

Hard working productive people need to be applauded, so I could not help but to throw Peter and the Executives Leaders Radio Show a compliment. Keep it up!

Featured on the show this week:

Jim Kershaw from Aegis Technologies, Inc.
Bryan Gernert from Resonate
Sabret Flocos from Fox Archtitects
Joshua Konowe from Uppidy, Inc.

Finally, thanks to the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce for hosting the event.

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