Customer Service Gets a Lift with Our New GoldenComm Ticketing System

Have you noticed fewer and fewer people are answering the phone these days? We certainly have… and we’re not big fans of that trend.

Maybe the problem is the misunderstanding of technology. You see, I think most people think adding technology is an excuse/reason NOT to talk to or spend time with customers. Well, that’s just backwards. Technology should exist so you CAN talk to and spend more time with customers.

At GoldenComm, we have over 400 clients, so things can get a little hectic as our team keeps up with their needs. But more than ever, we recognize the importance of customer service.

One of GoldenComm’s 2012 KPI’s is to continue to provide excellent customer service to our clients and ramp up our processes in this area. In February, we rolled out the new GoldenComm Customer Support Ticketing System.

GC tickets system found at

This ticketing system is our latest tool as part of our top notch customer support, offering our clients the ability to submit support requests, track the status of updates, and communicate with us directly through our online Customer Support system.

Our clients will receive increased communication from us as we update tickets, and at any point the system allows you to login and check the status of your support requests.

Oh yes, but don’t worry – just because we added a nice ticket system, does not mean we’re cutting back on wildly talented customer service personnel – as a matter of fact, we’re adding them.

Goldencomm Customer Service Team

During business hours, “2-Rings or Less” is what we still strive for… so call us, anytime (949) 574-5500.

Some of our favorite customer service companies are: – the standard, in our opinion, 2-rings or less, human being, every time. Whoa. A company that lives and breathes technology, but still knows what it means to answer the phone.

Apple Stores – ever buy something there? Talk about a company that leverages technology to allow their sales/service reps to spend more time with you. Try to buy something at the Apple store from the register – it’s hard, they make the transaction with you from the floor. Awesome!

Southwest Airlines – the only airline company that I can recall that answers the phone – and they work really hard (and it shows) to hire nice, energetic employees. No wonder they seem to be the most profitable airline – without charging for your first two bags and now carries more passengers in the USA than any other airline.

Who are some of your favorites? We’d love to hear… comment below.

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  1. OnlineShopper says:

    Great article, I agree its always nice to get live person in front of you. How many times you’ve pressed 0 on your phone just to get thru automated response system and talk to live person.

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